Having made the move as an expat twice in the last decade , the first, from Berlin- Germany to Haifa- Israel, as a consulting engineer with Deutsche-Bahn (German Railways), and the second, from Nazareth-Israel to Pune-India along with my husband who works in the IT sector, I can definitely understand the needs and challenges facing families and individuals making similar move.

The challenges can vary from logistics, adaptation to new culture and environment, as well as different diet and food choices.

1- Alienation and lack of personal support system.

2- Managing personal finances as part of the expat experience.

3- Adjusting to new work culture

4- Making new and trusted network of friends

5- Moving personal items without having to carry high cost as well as moving valuable personal items without being damaged.

6- Children’s education.

In my next blog , I will be covering techniques and ways i used and managed to over come those challenges.

*Picture, American Classic barn find in Pune-India, photo taken in June 2007 (Casio digital camera)